The Muslim Ban

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order prohibiting the entry of citizens from certain Muslim states from Entering the USA. The ban on seven countries is a supposed security measure to stop the flow of potential terrorists from entering the ‘land of the free’.

The countries that have been blacklisted are Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. These are seven countries that have all either been bombed by or had civilians killed by the U.S. military in the last thirty years.

Trump and many of his supporters on Twitter have defended the action as it is a matter of national security. They believe that every citizen from these countries is either a threat or terrorist.twitter grab san bernadino (2).png

They have used examples of the San Bernardino shooting, 9/11, the Boston marathon bombing and the Orlando night club shooting as examples of why this ban against Muslims from these countries is needed.

Unfortunately for Trump and his avid fans, not everybody’s recollection of those incidents has been erased by right-wing media and hate.

Many of the countries on the list have either never attacked the USA or have no citizens who have killed Americans.

The perpetrators of the atrocities mentioned above and others come from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, the UAE and Egypt. All of which have not been blacklisted.

This information begs the question of why POTUS has signed an executive order banning citizens from these countries, and not added the ones who have actually terrorized America over the years.

Well the Donald does own two massive golf centres in Dubai and obviously any ban would hinder his relations with the government there and his business investment. He also owns, or is president of, businesses inside Saudi Arabia thus removing his need to blacklist them.

The two different bans mean the executive order is a lot more widespread than people thought. The ban on citizens from the seven countries is for 90 days but there is also a U.S. refugee admissions program ban for 120 days. This means that not only have innocent people been banned from entering the USA in any capacity, refugees fleeing war are also banned.

Seeing as the States can be directly held responsible, along with the UK and other western states, for the modern-day carnage in the Middle East. The irony is not lost across the pond.

As the ban started to be rolled out many began protests at airports as people were not allowed to disembark their flights. JFK was at the centre of the protests as even NYC cabbies refused to work at the airport in protest to the ban.

PhD students, doctors and others who are not under suspicion were stopped. Green Card holders were handcuffed, detained and questioned on their political views. It seemed that, at least in some cities, everything was falling apart.

C3SrY1_WMAAAR8B.jpg large.jpg

Some of those affected, called for an emergency hearing against Trump and government agencies for an ’emergency motion for stay of removal on behalf of themselves and others similarly situated’. Judge Ann M. Donnelly, an Obama appointee, granted a  temporary stay on the ban with a court to decide if it is to become permanent at a later date.

This stay allowed the people trapped at airports and on planes to be released and granted entry into the country.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, tweeted in opposition of Trump saying that Canada would welcome refugees and that “diversity is our strength.”

A western leader showing his support for those in need is a breath of fresh air. It was really needed after Theresa May refused to give her opinion on the matter. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticized May as she supposedly told her home and foreign secretary to contact their U.S. counterparts to work through the issues.

A conservative MP has been banned as has Sir Mo Farah because he was born in Somalia.

Farah has lived in the States for six years now as a Nike athlete living in the Portland area. He is currently training in Ethiopia and cannot return home to his wife and four children. He posted on Facebook today to express his sadness saying that the Queen made him a Knight of the Realm on the 1st and Trump has made him an alien on the 27th.

This situation is not more important because Farah is a celebrity. It is important because it shows that even though the UK has a ‘special relationship’ with the U.S. it is not enough to stop citizens of our diverse society who have made a life over there from being persecuted.

twitter-grab-9-11-2Today the British people signed a petition opposing Trumps impending visit to the UK with over 730,000 signatures, surpassing the amount taken for it to be debated in the House.

It would be idealistic of me to hope that enough world leaders come together to oppose this abhorrent act but it would only take two or three to make a difference and stand up to this man.

A quote that I love, believe in and think is truly applicable to this situation is; ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’.

Trump has not declared war on a nation but an entire religion of people that totals over a billion.

He is a terror organisations dream.

ISIS, Al Qaeda and the like will use this ban to recruit the naive and vulnerable with the message that America hates you for no reason apart from that you are a Muslim.

He says that it will make America a safer place when in actual fact he is making it a far more dangerous and fragmented place to be.

feature image courtesy of Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images


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