Votes Trump Health

Donald Trump ran his Presidential campaign on many crazy promises. A wall stretching the entire Mexican border and pulling out of two major trade deals. The new President also said that he would cut funding to the Planned Parenthood programme.

Planned Parenthood – which turned 100 years old last year – funds different health care programmes around the world. It provides sexual education, health care advice, reproductive information and more controversially; abortion. This is especially important in countries where funding for such things are either very low or non-existent.

Planned Parenthood responded to calls for their federal funding to be cut with a statement saying that abortions only count for three percent of what they do, a fact that Donald has refused to accept.

Trump turned himself into a walking contradiction when he said “I don’t know what the percentage is, they say it’s 3%, but I would defund it because I’m pro-life. But millions of women are helped by Planned Parenthood.”

Admitting that it helps millions and then disregarding that fact and signing a motion to cut funding is detrimental to the people that rely on it.

Be pro-life, be pro-choice but as POTUS, representation of everyone is needed. Trump is someone who has never had to worry about planning or saving for a child and yet is happy to make the decision for everyone.

Signing an executive order on an issue that affects women more than men, surrounded by men, highlights the type of President and person this man is. It is likely that illegal abortions will rise and parents who cannot afford their children will surge.

They provide so much more than many people think. Pregnancy tests, HIV and STD tests, cancer screenings, birth control and more will all be scaled back. They provide the education that millions need to make the right decisions for their future and that is all being taken away.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women marched on DC the day after Trump’s inauguration to protest against his handling of women’s affairs, his lack of understanding for women’s issues and how little he seems to care about over half of the population.

Trump will continue to disregard women when it comes to their issues. He will continue to make decisions on the matters that do not affect him and continue to do it to the detriment of the health of every women in America.


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