The Great American Wall

Donald Trump has signed an executive order to start building his great wall. The full border is 1,900 miles long and the planned wall will stretch a thousand miles with the rest being left to natural terrain.

Donald started and finished his campaign with a promise of hard-line immigration which included a wall that many of his voters actually support. Across the pond many in the UK and Europe laughed at the notion of the idea but it seems that the Don is having the final laugh.

Not only was the idea to build a great wall but also to make Mexico pay for the construction cost. When Trump was called out about the far-fetched plan he admitted that the U.S. would have to pay for the initial cost, but that Mexico would then make reparations to the U.S.

Trump was invited by President Enrique Pena Nieto in August to Mexico City to hold talks about his plans if he won. Trump left the meeting after expressing his concerns stating that discussions went well between the two leaders.

Fast forward however and Nieto has said today in a video message that “Mexico does not believe in walls” and “Mexico will not pay for any wall” but offers and commands respect. The President then cancelled the meeting.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, have estimated that going off of what Trump wants that the wall would cost an estimated $42bn. If Mexico were to ever agreed to build the wall I’m sure that their own people would also be building it – creating no jobs for U.S. workers.

Photo Courtesy of CNN

This means that not only will Trump have to pay for the construction of the wall with the astronomical cost, it is likely it will not even produce any jobs for U.S. citizens on the construction side.

If the wall does end up costing the amount MIT have reported it will it’ll cost the government $276m a year, if he employs the five thousand extra border guards he wants to.

The whole idea was maddening in the first place, but to then financially extort another country could leave Donald with few friends inside the White House.

This is not mentioning the fact that the sums of money involved, if they are not recouped, will have topped up the national deficit to the point where the debt ceiling would have to, again, be lifted.

Trump will not back down over his biggest pledge that will define his term. Mexico will buckle under the weight eventually and will probably end up giving in due to trade and the fact that it is still a very poor country.

If Nieto can drag this situation out however, and make the building of this wall something that is so costly and hard to complete then the next POTUS may just scrap the idea altogether.

We can at least hope.


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