Hypocrisy thy name is UK

When 9/11 happened I was eight years-old. I did not really understand what was happening apart from that many people had died in New York. I couldn’t comprehend the fall-out of what happened that morning and that even now, fifteen years later we would still be dealing with the repercussions.

Since then the UK has been involved in two unwinnable wars in the desert and sustained hundreds of casualties to its military services. I do not want to use the term ‘we’ as much because I had no hand in the war. I did not cause it nor take part but since the Iraq invasion of 2003, we have caused the terrorism that we know and fear today.

Our military, under orders and alongside the Americans, carried out untold murders on innocent civilians, displaced millions and ground two middle eastern countries to nothing. We then wonder why and how terrorist groups are still active.

Eight months ago the UK government sanctioned a £2.8bn deal to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. A country that does not understand what freedom is, what human rights are and how to treat people. Their law enforcement carries out, at times, hundreds of public beheadings a month for having an opinion and other crimes that wouldn’t be looked at twice in the western world.

Lately though it seems that the Saudis have been less occupied with murdering their own citizens and more interested in using British-made weapons to murder men, women and children in Yemen. During PMQ’s in September, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn questioned the sale of arms to such an abhorrent country.

The unelected Prime Minister replied that selling arms to Saudi Arabia has helped keep a strong relationship with a country that aids counter terrorism and has also helped ‘keep people on the streets of Britain safe.

Funnily enough I feel no safer and no more in danger than I did before my government and its predecessor decided to directly fund crimes against humanity. The decision to sustain a relationship with human rights violators and overall bottom of the barrel scum has made my decision for the next election much easier.

You have now allowed the country, to which I belong, to become a target to thousands of people who will be easily radicalized through their religion because you directly helped kill their entire family.

No amount of money or national relations can justify what is happening. Theresa May today stood with world leaders voicing her opposition against the crimes that Russia and Syria are committing.

It seems that if the UK had close relations with Syria prior to the war that it would be our navy firing into Aleppo and not the Russians. I keep hoping for a bit of common sense to worm its way in to our leaders closed minds.

If the UK stops selling arms to Saudi Arabia of course they will find another buyer. Of course they will keep shelling civilians and increasing the amount of murders committed but at least the blood won’t be on our hands. Our civilians won’t have to pay the price when a suicide bomber blows themselves up in central London because British bombs killed their family.

Find a better way to make money because it is not good enough. Stop criticizing Russia until you yourself have stopped funding the terror happening in Yemen. It’s all ideal I know but maybe one day we’ll see it happen. Until then, hypocrisy thy name is UK.


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