Bo Jo and his bullshit

Boris Johnson very much reminds me of Donald Trump sometimes. A bumbling buffoon that minces his words and talks complete nonsense, yet finds himself in a position of immense power.

This is a man who was educated at Eton, Mayor of London for eight long years and called the London Assembly ‘supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies’ when they refused to criticize his budget decisions.

A man I was actually a supporter of for a long time. Something fresh and different, not in the fact he is a wealthy, well-educated Tory but more the fact that he spoke with a gentrified freedom and cut down those that didn’t have the back bone challenge him.

Once he became a leading figure in the ‘leave’ campaign for Brexit I’ve really found a dislike for him.

He spent months in bed with Nigel Farage, in-out leader of UKIP, campaigning for the UK to leave the European Union. Telling lies to the people, he was a man in no position of power, in no position to change policies, yet made it seem like he could.

Some knew that Boris put himself at the forefront of Brexit as a real instigation to become part of any post-vote government. Unfortunately many didn’t see it until afterwards.

Theresa May announced him as her Foreign Secretary and Boris was finally where he wanted to be. Part of the cabinet and realistically, alongside Philip Hammond, next in line to be the Conservative leader.

I did not think he was a career politician to be honest. I did not  think  he was one of the parasites that sell their parliamentary vote to tow the party line and gain a promotion.

Boris Johnson is literally the person I would put on a slide show if I was trying to explain why the British do not trust politicians, why people are disillusioned with politics and why the young cannot be bothered to get involved.

What is the point when people like Boris rise through the ranks, spouting lies and fear to further their own ambitions?

IF Britain leaves the EU it will not be Boris feeling the financial pinch. He earns just over £135,000 per year for his role, which i think it fair, but using the politically uninformed to win a vote that is detrimental to society and further his own ambitions is not fair.

He has directly contributed to wiping billions off the market value of the Sterling as well as costing every person in the UK thousands of pounds by leading a malicious and untruthful charge to show he has voting influence.

In an interview with Sky News today, he looked like his thoughts were elsewhere, like he was uninterested in relaying the updates on what the public had voted for.

He spoke of a four point plan of what the government and his colleagues wanted but I can’t believe a word the man says. His previous derogatory comments about foreign leaders, double standard opinions and lack of knowledge of who his foreign counterparts are is alarming.

Boris Johnson is a man, like Donald Trump, that should not be near a position of power, should not be trusted and should never be voted for.

He once held his own and could have been a force for good in Parliament, but instead, he has himself turned into a ‘great supine protoplasmic inveterate jelly’ that needs to go back to presenting satirical TV game shows, writing columns and should stay away from politics.



Picture Courtesy of London Loves Business Article:




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