Finger On The Button

It has taken me a couple of days to come to terms with what happened  couple of days ago.

The evening started with me and my house mates waiting for the first polls to close and the ballots to be counted. We were in high spirits for a time, a time not enjoyed long enough.

The results came in slowly and many states were to close to be call, including that of the massive swing state of Florida. I won’t lie, this set an unnerving feeling amongst us. Still looking at each other baffled that this man who blagged and bullied his way to this point was even receiving votes.

In the lead by quite a way I was in shock at what was unfolding in front of me. The time seemed to just fly as I was the only one left sat in front of the TV calculating every way Hillary could still walk away with the 270 electoral votes needed.

Every state that she relied on to still claim victory, fell red. I gave up on hoping and wishing when Florida was called by U.S networks and went to bed around 5am GMT.

The man who had ‘zero chance’ of being a serious republican candidate, a serious challenger in the primaries, actual contender for the Oval had won. It was the underdog story that no one outside of America and the Kremlin wanted. 

There is not a single person I know that looks at Trump and thinks he’ll do well, will look after the minorities, will tell the truth and end his term with the country on a better footing than when he arrived.

His plans to deport eleven million unregistered immigrants who have children that are American citizens themselves is unimaginable. Cutting corporation tax by 35% and lowering the basic income tax rate will have the deficit skyrocketing.

Taking away standardized background checks on firearms and eradicating Obama care, will kill hundreds of thousands over his one term. His wall is predicted to cost upwards of twenty billion dollars paid for by loans the government wont be able to pay back for decades.

They are the facts but I also think that he will plough money into an over funded military in order to be involved in Syria and aid American-Russian relations.This will cause discontent amongst Americas greatest allies in Asia as well as NATO.

This is literally scratching the surface of what could happen. With the republicans now running the house they will use it to their advantage and pass the laws they couldn’t for the last eight years.

We have until January to hold onto Obama’s changes and really appreciate how much he has done for us. It will be a much darker place once he’s gone and I don’t want anyone to think that I am overreacting to this situation.

We saw what George W did when he won consecutive elections. Increasing the divide between rich and poor, black and white and a red and black bank balance. His inexperience was plain to see and easily to ridicule but that didn’t stop him starting two unwinnable wars, tanking the global economy and changing the world.

I really hope I’m wrong. I really hope that he does amazingly well and really helps the American working class into a new age of prosperity but I can’t see it.

Come 2020 I truly believe that America will be 20-25 years behind where they are now. The USA is still a young country and still has many mistakes in its system that need flushing out. However after George W, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton and now Trump we, as a collective western society, expect more from the self-proclaimed ‘best nation in the world.’

So here’s to you Donald. You ‘pussy grabbing’, sexually assaulting, racist, bigoted, sexist, prick.



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