The End is Nigh

After months of waiting, over two hundred million dollars spent and three live television debates, the U.S presidential election nears its completion.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner, long serving senator and former Secretary of State faces off against billionaire businessman, reality TV host, misogynist, locker room talking, worst fake tan you have ever seen and genuinely poor excuse for a human being Donald Trump.

A race that should have been over months ago will come down to the wire. It will divide communities, incite hatred and cause violence that will see even the most right-wing, cousin marrying republicans saying ‘this has got out of hand now.’

As usual, the rest of the world will watch on with bated breath on election night to see who becomes the next POTUS. Heads of states will want to be the first to send their congratulations to Hillary whist calling emergency cabinet meetings to discuss what to do with Donald if it heads the other way.

The whole world could watch on as President Donald Trump takes centre stage with his wife and children while his voters shout USA USA USA. If this hellish event occurs, Donald will receive congratulations from those who he shares the same ideals with.

Calls from Moscow and Damascus will be made because when you oppress women’s rights, are accused of rape, sexual assault and insight volatile hatred against those who are different to your ilk, you belong to a select group of people who don’t belong anywhere near public office.

Having already woken up to a vote that has changed the country I live in for the worse, led by a right-wing fanatic and supported by those that are not educated enough about the issues, I know a thing or two about seeing a society I am apart of go to shit.

I, and many others, cannot fathom a Trump win. Cannot understand the thinking behind those who actually want to vote for him and agree with the policies. Policies that only play on the securities of the uneducated and angry while increasing profit margins for the rich.

I have heard arguments from Americans that say ‘he will not be able to implement the ideas he has’ but is it a risk worth taking?

I want to make it clear that I support Hillary like I supported David Cameron’s re-election in 2015. Cameron was the lesser of ‘two evils.’ He had more experience, commanded respect from heads of states and made sure the UK’s standing on the world stage remained strong… minus his 2016 pledge for a EU referendum that ended with his resignation.

He was the best out of the three choices the UK had and now Hillary is the best the U.S has. I know she has a long history of being very good friends with big companies, countries that do away with human rights and obviously ‘loses’ her emails.

It is one hell of a shit choice to be left with but the difference between making small change and relatively staying the course is miles away from being fucking terrified of what the other could do with executive orders that don’t require a vote.

I hope that logic and common sense prevail in this election, more so than when George Bush was elected. Twice. A women leading the free world will be a momentous occasion and I truly hope it comes to fruition, the flip side is not worth thinking about.

I’m With Her.



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